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Tricia Yates Training



     Tricia's natural ability with horses and fierce determination across multiple types of disciplines is unsurpassed. Whether training in natural horsemanship, trail trials, foundation training, strength and flexibility training to upper level dressage, she exhibits an extensive knowledge of equine physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and behavior while stressing the importance of clear communication between horse and rider.

     Her training style comes from decades of working with other clinicians and investigation into classical and alternative methods, developing into a unique approach that is universally successful regardless of discipline or issue, particularly focused on developing the topline muscles to support movement, balance, flexibility and range of motion. Tricia has participated in extensive clinics and worked with multiple veterinarians, saddle fitters, farriers, equine body workers and other trainers to recognize and remedy existing or potential pain issues to ensure that the horses remain pain-free and sound. In addition, she continues to expand her knowledge base from a deep and genuine desire to improve her own skills while passing this knowledge on to all her students, regardless of age or skill level.

      She genuinely loves ALL the horses and cares deeply about them as we establish a safe environment where both horse and rider can advance their abilities as an athletic team. She is also incredibly mindful of the existing limitations of each rider and works to improve rider health and fitness to allow proper movement and balance in their horses.

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* Dressage 

* Western Dressage

* Trail Trials & Obstacles

* Foundation Training

* Natural Horsemanship

* Children & Youth

* Group Lessons

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