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Tricia's story

     I grew up in England and discovered my love for horses at the age of four when my cousin popped me up on a Welsh pony, and I was hooked from that day on. My parents did not have the means to buy me a horse so I saved my pocket money to pay for lessons and became a "schoolie", working at the stables to get to ride.  I purchased my first horse in 2000 after moving to the United States, a horse who unfortunately had a history of abuse and coped with it in a dangerous way, a situation which forced me to educate myself to save myself. The skills I developed to cope with such a difficult horse did not go unobserved and resulted in a business based on helping other owners deal with their troubled horses. To further my education I focused on the principals of Dressage and worked with and for a Dressage trainer for 6 years, schooling up to 4th level on a very troubled OTTB, as well as studying with numerous renowned clinicians from different aspects of the equine industry.

     Although I learned a tremendous amount I didn't realize what information and skill was missing until I discovered Art2Ride in 2010. I attended an A2R clinic and immediately felt like I had found the missing piece to my Dressage Training.  In fact, I was brought to tears at the realization of the injustice done to my previous Dressage horse. I was asked to be an associate trainer later that year and have been successfully sharing this knowledge through my business and working with Karen during her regular clinic visits.  I've been also fortunate to be able to work with Will during my San Diego visits at their A2R facility.

     My hard work and effort has paid off and now I have the opportunity to develop a completely green unbroke 3 yr old mare, Delilah, who arrived from the Netherlands in October of 2016.  This is the first horse I've owned or trained that I didn't have to undo any previous abuse, incorrect handling or training. Thus, she provides a great platform for me to show the progression of a properly developed horse from the ground up.

     I'm very excited to help others fill in the missing pieces and develop their horses with the Art2Ride Classical Foundation Training while incorporating elements of Natural Horsemanship.This philosophy results in supple, relaxed horses whose abilities are the result of correct development and emotional well-being, which culminates in a harmonious partnership between horse and rider without resistance.


Tricia Yates, 2019

  • Proper Foundation Training​​

  • Equine Wellness

  • Teamwork and Communication

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