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Trish has worked with hundreds of clinicians, veterinarians, saddle fitters, farriers and students over the years. We have listed some of their letters of support and recommendation.

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     I have trained with Trish for at least 14 years and found her to be the most accomplished horsewoman I’ve ever met. While I had ridden before, I had no idea how little I knew about caring for a horse from the feet up, the importance of saddle fitting, proper hoof care, diet and healthcare. As a trainer, we went from basic groundwork and foundations to an ongoing dressage program, continually improving my skills as a rider while teaching my horse increasingly complicated maneuvers while maintaining balance and flexibility. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive as to what may be preventing progress and we work as a team - me, my horse and her - to remedy any issues, which is almost always my riding, not my horse. 

     She has made me the horsewoman that I am, turning an infatuation of horses into a lifelong endeavor to learn and build an amazing relationship with my horse and a community that supports this.

    --Linda Wallgren, 2019

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