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Tricia Yates Training is located at the spectacular 125-acre Howling Heart Ranch, nestled in the rolling hills of south Petaluma, 10 minutes from Hwy 101. The facility includes a large covered arena with lighting, a full-sized outdoor arena, round pen, multiple large pasture turnouts with shelters, box stalls with runs, hot/cold water wash area and tack shed. 

x2020-06-07 16.25.29.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.26.17.jpg
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x2020-06-07 16.17.51.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.40.59.jpg
x2020-06-07 17.08.21.jpg
x2020-06-07 17.07.47.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.20.03.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.18.18.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.18.45.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.18.25.jpg
x2020-06-07 16.50.15.jpg
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