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Clinic @ Hallett Sport Horses

April 27 - 28, 2019

9am - 5pm

Hallett Sporthorse

@Kenzo Estate

Petaluma, CA

Tricia will be conducting a clinic with one-on-one lessons to improve your riding skills, regardless of riding level as well as address issues you may be having with your horse. Incorporating the Art2Ride philosophy as well as Natural Horsemanship foundations, she can evaluate your horse (and you) and give you a plan of training that will improve performance, balance, strength and communication.

Participants are limited to 8 per day and the cost is $___. Auditors are welcome to join for $____. A fabulous lunch is included in this full day of demonstrations and lessons. 



Las Vegas, NV

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Info about host barn, event, etc.

Trail Trials and Obstacles Clinic

To Be Announced

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The course will be set up in the lower arena with varying obstacles and challenges to familiarize your horse with different situations to ensure your safety on the trail as well as the comfort of your horse. Gate maneuvering, tarps, tires, bicycles, tetter-totters, poles and other objects that you may encounter on your rides will be introduced and Trish is on hand to help you move your horse in a way that will build your confidence out on the trail.

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